December 20, 2018

Version 2.0 of Venus products - changelog

Version 2.0 of Venµs products - changelog

Since 13 december, 2018, we introduced version 2.0 of Venµs products, with the following improvements :

Product registration :
Multi-temporal registration with an enhancement of the correlation with the reference image.
Multi-spectral registration is improved with the correction of radiometric sliding. This affected in particular B01 and B02 bands (which have a large number of TDI stages) on sites acquired with high roll/pitch.

Cloud detection and quantification :
Corrections of over-detections due to repetitive landscape patterns or cloud shadows, global improvements on cloud detection using stereoscopy.
An anomaly triggered by the previous cloud detection parameters (randomly wrong cloud percentages values) is corrected, which should lead to more valid products overall.

Level 2 products :
Level 2 parameters now use real instead of estimated spectral response, and benefit from all the above Level 1 improvements.

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