June 21, 2017

Venus to be launched from the Guyana Space Centre on 1st August 2017

The French-Israeli Earth observation satellite’s launch date has been confirmed. It will depart on 1st August 2017 from the Guyana Space Centre (CSG).

The Vega launcher’s 10th flight (VV10) will carry 2 satellites: Italian Defense Ministry’s OPSAT3000 and the French-Israeli Venµs, developed by CNES and the Israeli Space Agency (ISA).

Launch is scheduled for 22:58 local time on 01/08 (3:58 Paris time on 02/08).

The flightpath will take the spacecraft North. OPSAT3000 will separate first, just over 42 min (2,568 s) after launch, followed 1 h 37 min later (5,837 s after launch) by Venµs.

Integration of Venµs

Integration of the Venµs satellite at the IAI/MBT facility in Israel. © IAI/MBT, 2017