February 13, 2017

Key milestones

July 2018 JSC meeting: decision on key milestones for the scientific mission from April 1, 2018 to August 30, 2020

June 2018: end of in-orbit commissioning review

07/2017 : Double launch for Venµs and OPSAT3000 (Italy - Défence Ministry) by VEGA

02/2017 : Publication of the liste of selected sites

Spring 2017 : Satellite Delivery Review

March 2017: Satellite qualification review

March 2017: System qualification review

Spring 2016 : Beginning of the satellite's environment tests

04/2015 : Beginning of the System tests

03/2015: New research announcement for 110 scientific sites

11/2014: CNES camera delivery to ISA

12/2013: Launch contract signature with ARANESPACE (dual launch on VEGA)

01/2012: Detectors delivery with filters glued on them

08/2011: BARR filters delivery

09/2008: Satellite and System Critical Design Review

07/2007: IHET Critical Design Review

06/2007: Camera Critical Design Review

End 2006: Satellite, System and Camera Preliminary Design Review

10/2006: Mission Ground Segment Preliminary Design Review

10/2006: Science Mission Center Preliminary Design Review

05/2006: Research announcement

04/2005: Signature of the MOU between CNES and ISA