October 28, 2014

Atmospheric aerosol detection

La Crau 14 juinMagnifying GlassLa Crau 23 juinMagnifying Glass
Formosat Image of June 14, 2006
Resolution 8 m (Crau and Istres)
Formosat Image of June 23, 2006,
with, at the center, an aerosol plume (very subtle)

These two images were acquired within one week in June 2006 in the South-East of France. The left one was acquired with a very clear atmosphere, while an aerosol plume affects the center part of the image on the right. This aerosol plume can be detected by monitoring the rapid evolution of the reflectances measured by Formosat.

aerosols on June 23rd
Aerosols optical thickness on June 23rd, computed from the images. Resolution 100 m

Realisation: V. Debaecker, O. Hagolle CESBIO & DCT/SI/MO

This work was subjected to publication:
O. Hagolle, G. Dedieu, B. Mougenot, V. Debaecker, B. Duchemin and A. Meygret, Correction of aerosol effects on multi-temporal images acquired with constant viewing angles: Application to Formosat-2 images. Remote sensing Environment, In Press, October 2007