August 1, 2016

Ground segment

The Venµs ground segment is composed of four entities:

VENµS Ground Segment

More details

  • An S-Band System in charge of operating, controlling and monitoring the satellite
    • Tracking and Communication Centre (TCC)
    • Satellite Control Centre (SCC)

  • A Data Processing Ground Segment in charge of acquiring, processing, archiving and distributing the Venµs scientific and associated data generated in-orbit with:
    • The Scientific Mission Image Ground Segment (SMIGS), which
      • processes the data from raw telemetry to level 1, 2 and 3 products,
      • performs the image quality.
    • The Venµs Products Distribution Server (VPDS), hosted by CNES for the interface with the scientific community for Venµs products.

  • The Technological Mission Centre in charge of planning the Technological Mission, analyzing and archiving the Venµs Technological Payload (IHET) data.

  • The Kiruna Ground Station in charge of receiving the mission data from the satellite.