October 28, 2014

Examples of Applications

high resolution and frequent revisit time-series

All the images displayed on these pages are from Formosat satellite:
Copyright © NSPO, Distribution Spotimage, processing CNES/CESBIO

Except when said otherwise, data and results by:
V. Debaecker and O.Hagolle, CESBIO and CNES/CESBIO

Simon Baillarin, Gregory Clément, Céline Grimault and DCT/SI/EI service for geometrical processings
G.Pauc, P.Henry (CNES) and G.Dedieu(CESBIO) for data funding
B.Mougenot and F.Timouk (CESBIO) for the installation and the monitoring of AERONET Cimel instruments on Morocco site, Sudouest Agoufou and Yaqui.